Chris Rimmer

I'm a programmer and general nerd in the UK who wants to write JavaScript.

Phone: +44 7990 031337

Stuff I kinda know:

Stuff I kinda don't know:

Work experience:

2023-Ongoing Adaptive Web Ltd - Architect + Lead prototype Engineer

Preact | Deno | Postgres | Google Cloud Run | Google Cloud SQL

2021-2022 TK Events UK Ltd - System architect, senior full stack engineer, dev team lead, client technical contact, wearer of many hats

React | Deno | Node | Postgres | Elastic

2019-2020 PCCW Global - Full stack developer, scrum master

React | Storybook | Redux | Node | Postgres | SAFe

2017-2018 NIO Formula E Race team - Infrastructure engineer, trackside IT specialist

2016-2017 Twogether Creative Ltd - Developer

Laravel | Angular

2014-2016 Multiplay UK Ltd (now Unity and Player1 Events) - Junior developer

Django | Knockout | PHP | MySQL | Golang | Azure Cloud | FreeBSD

Non-work stuff I've done that I think is cool:

2016 - Robot Wars - Team Doomba

2016 - Monte Carlo Or Bust charity banger rally - The Nerd Herd

2018-2023 - PedalBox on Youtube - Building a car

I don't really know how to turn this one into bullet points so I'll just say a buddy and I are literally building an entire car from scratch to our own design in his driveway.

2020 - ZF 8HP transmission control computer

Other notes about me:

I'm a nerd. I like learning new stuff.

I once built a 2D orbital motion simulator just to see if the 3D equations from the real world compressed to two dimensions properly. Turns out they sorta do but there are some weird singularities, so I wrote new versions of some of the equations so they wouldn't explode.

I've decided it will be smart to retrofit fuel injection and a turbo on a 40 year old Rover with known cylinder head problems, and am currently working on a way to use 1990s BMW M3 parts to make that work.

One day I wondered what might go into making rocket fuel so I destroyed a wok making solid rocket propellant in my kitchen. I never made a rocket with it, but I did encase an iPhone in the stuff and light it. The iPhone did not survive.

I think that just about covers everything. Thanks for reading!